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Early Lease Termination

It’s understandable that things happen and you may not be able to fulfill your lease term and we are here to help you.

As long as you work with us we will strive together to get your home rented to a new qualified tenant.

You will be released from further liability and the contract lease terms as long as these guidelines are followed:

  1. The Re-letting fee (termination fee) – This fee is 100% of one full month’s rent, paid at time you request an early lease termination.
  2. Provide Award with the date – that the home will be vacated and ready for the new tenants to move in. This date is very important in our marketing efforts and to inform potential tenants when the home is going to be available.
  3. Accommodate with all showings – If you are going to remain in the property while we find a new tenant, it is in your best interest to accommodate with all of the showings to help in finding a new applicant. Allowing the home, with a courtesy 24-hour notice given to you before showings and making the home look as nice as possible will help the home rent quickly.
  4. Monthly rent – You are still responsible for paying your rent in full at the beginning of each month until a new tenant signs their lease with us. If a new tenant occupies the property before the end of the month you have already paid, your rent payment for that month will be pro-rated back to you based on the commencement date of the new lease.
  5. Utilities – You are responsible for keeping utilities on in your name until a new tenant signs the lease.
  6. Yard Care – If your lease states you are responsible for yard care then you are still required to maintain the yard up until the new tenant signs their lease.
  7. Cleaning – you are still responsible for cleaning until the new tenants take possession of the home. Often vacant properties will still need cleaned due to dead bugs and dust.
  8. Subletting is not allowed – If you know someone interested in leasing the home please have them contact us to apply.
  9. New tenants must qualify under our application criteria and requirements.
  10. IMPORTANT: You are responsible for all rent payments, utilities, yard maintenance, cleaning, upkeep of the home and all other obligations under your lease agreement up to the end date of your lease or the day the lease agreement starts with the new approved tenant whichever comes first. Be sure to leave all utilities on until the new tenants has signed the lease.

Security Deposits cannot legally be used as rent.

All of the same principles apply in the cleanliness and condition of the property as stated in your lease agreement. Any move out charges for cleaning or damages will still be applied if necessary.

Once the property has been inspected, your obligations under the lease agreement have been fulfilled and the new tenant has started paying rent then the deposit refund will be processed. Award Property Management has 30 days, if all rent has been paid in full, to return your security deposit, minus any deductions per your lease agreement.

When you have met Award’s guidelines and the property is returned in good condition we will consider your existing lease as terminated early and the deposits will be refunded in agreement with your lease contract. Your lease agreement obligations will be considered fulfilled and reported as such by Award Property Management.