Leasing Criteria and Security Deposit Requirements

Leasing Criteria

Under no circumstances will your application process begin, nor will the property be removed from the market until the office has received the following from each applicant: certified application fee(s), a complete application, and if applicable, a complete guarantor application with certified application fee(s).

  • Application Fee: a non-refundable application fee in certified funds of $50.00 per applicant is required to be submitted prior to starting the application process.
  • Income: monthly income must be at least three (3) times the rent amount on a monthly basis. Self-employed or retired will require a copy of past two (2) years tax return, W-2 or bank statement. Income will be verified.
  • Employment: must be currently employed providing at least past six (6) months of verifiable steady employment with same company and at least two (2) years of prior employment history. Full-time students will require a guarantor.
  • Rental History: minimum of two (2) years verifiable rental history, indicating no outstanding debt to any previous landlords or evictions. History of residing with family or under a relative owned property will not be considered for rental verification.
  • Age: must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of old to apply. Anyone 18 years or older planning to occupy the property must complete an application, meet criteria and be listed as a resident on the lease.
  • Security Deposit: required to be submitted to the office in certified funds within forty-eight (48) hours of approval, no exceptions. No deposit will be waived or paid in portions.
  • Credit: a credit history report will be pulled on each individual applicant; credit history must meet our minimum score guidelines of 580. Exception applies toward medical; discharged/released bankruptcies over five (5) years old will be considered.
  • Automatic Rejection: false, inaccurate or incomplete application(s), past evictions, money owed to previous landlord, judgments related to residency, outstanding federal tax liens, current bankruptcy proceedings, bankruptcy filed in past five (5) years that has not been discharged or released, current foreclosure proceedings, prior foreclosure within past ten (10) years, undisclosed criminal record, felony conviction within past ten (10) years, felony or misdemeanor conviction as a result of any physical, violent, domestic violence, spousal abuse or any sex offense crimes, registered sex offender, appearance on sexual offense or terrorist database(s), conviction for manufacturing or distribution of a controlled substance, unpaid child support or excessive misdemeanors.

Security Deposit

  • All our properties require a security deposit, usually in the same amount as the monthly rent amount.
  • Security deposits to be paid in full and are required to be submitted in certified funds within forty-eight (48) hours of approval; partial payments or payment arrangements are not an option.
  • Under no circumstances may your security deposits be applied towards rent during your residency with us, no exceptions.

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